Designing and Building My Own Wind Turbine
by Steven Fahey

The 4 major pieces of my wind turbine.


Carving the blades out of cedar was a memorable experience. Here are photos of the project to illustrate how I did it.

8-foot blades carved from laminated cedar.


The Toshiba Motor Conversion

This is a 3-phase induction motor that I converted into a permanent-magnet generator. The original motor did not have these magnets inside. With them on the rotor now, it generates electricity at very low speeds - the speed range that the wind turbine will turn.


Raising any wind turbine into the sky is no small feat. Here are some notes and thoughts about building the tower and how to work safely with one. The picture of the tower is from the first time it was raised.

The Tower


Absolyte Batteries

This stack of deep-cycle batteries came to me by accident. They were well used when I found them. With a little TLC, they serve me well at reduced capacity. It is plenty for my needs.

Lately, I have been adding a weather station to my system. Below is a feed from its internet database, and more detailed info can be found here.

Here are some websites where I've
found the most useful information:

Fieldlines Forum & The Otherpower
The Backshed
The Green Power Talk Forum
Hugh Piggott's Scoraig Wind
Paul Gipe's Wind Works
Danish Wind Industry Association

Thanks to Weather Underground and Davis International for the easy-to-use system and interface -

- which is even MORE detailed than the page above.

Sincere thanks to the many people who have helped and encouraged along the way. For years I have pursued my interest in building and using wind turbines for electrical power on my acreage home. I have encountered many helpful people and resources along the way. Without them, I might still have nothing off the ground. Here is where I can "give back", by putting notes and lessons together into one place, where others can read and learn for themselves. I hope they find it helpful. I especially hope that people new to the hobby can find this site, and learn something. I am always open to feedback, too, so write me an e-mail any time.

May 2011

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