Data Logging System

The data logger is based on an Arduino MEGA 2560 development board.  In some ways, I could have used a simpler and smaller board, but the number of functions I wanted to put together added up quickly, and choosing the more capable board was an easy choice.

The data logger measures simultaneously:

  • 3-phase AC polyphase tachometer inputs
  • 4 current sensor channels
  • 2 temperature sensor channels
  • 4 voltage channels

Data collected from these channels can be delivered to a computer for recording via USB cable, and some of the data is continuously displayed on the LCD.  The LCD is colour-coded, allowing you to judge the speed range of the turbine simply by the colour of the display.  

Wind Turbine RPM, Current, Voltage, and Battery Temperature are normally displayed on the LCD, and updated several times per second.  One drawback is that the LCD refresh rate is SLOWER than 1 second when the temperature is below zero (as you can see in the examples below).

Performance analysis using this datalogger has given me a tremendous insight into the workings and behaviour of my custom-made wind turbine.

Combined with the data from my weather station, I have been able to evaluate the performance in a very wide range of conditions.