Detailed tower plans

I have encountered many builders of windmills, through the internet, eager to build a tower for their windmill. They ask many questions about how to go about the project. It would be easy to answer, if it was possible to know enough about their site, their windmill, and about the tools at their disposal. Then I think about how dangerous it can be to raise a tall structure over one’s head, running around tightening this, loosening that… How can one communicate all of this information, and be sure that all will go well?

Do it yourself

The internet is a wonderful place to share information, but it is virtually useless for learning technical subjects that involve your safety. It would be fun to do so, but…

A tower must be, first and foremost, safe. There simply is no practical way to evaluate what someone else is doing through an internet connection, so I feel uncomfortable giving so much advice on a webpage that a reader could come away with a confident feeling, without having the know-how to throughly evaluate the structure for themselves.

Anyone can learn the engineering principles that are involved in towers and other elevated structures. But you should be ready to commit months, if not years, to this education and experience. I see no way to communicate that through the ‘net. Consulting with a professional engineer, a qualified university or college instructor, or a contractor whose specialty is installing and inspecting towers is the best way to safely complete this part of the project.